Hello! I'm Mireia

Currently Senior User Researcher at N26. I am a social researcher with 10 years of experience in the field.


I’m a person of people and actions!

My background and experience are at the intersection of Marketing Strategy, Consumer Research, Digital Communication and Innovation. What I do best is to understand what motivates our behaviours, how to better fulfil people’s needs and connect organisations with individuals to create positive impact.

Taking a “think-forward” approach to things

I’m an active actor of change in search for positive transformation wherever I go. That’s why doing studies in Social Trend Forecasting at the Central Saint Martins School of London has allowed me to inform transformation processes and help organisations to be more innovative with a human-centered mindset.

Exchanging ideas is the base of my work!

I participate as a speaker at events and schools. I’ve been at the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering, the Complutense University of Madrid, the IEBS Business School and at events by ELLE Magazine, among others.

This is something that I find extremely enriching, because it gives me the possibility to learn from others too and sometimes in very unexpected ways!

From the international view to the local nuances

Based in my hometown Barcelona (Spain), I previously lived 4 years in London (UK), with which I also have a very personal connection. Other places I called “home” are Edinburgh (UK) and Lyon (France).

However, I worked on research projects for different continents, from Asia to the Middle East, America to Africa, travelling to some of the countries there too.

Spanish is my native language, but English is what I use in my everyday work, while I keep my French for relaxed conversations.

Every piece counts, no matter how little or big

My way of working is in collaboration and bi-directional relations. I strongly believe that honesty, empathy and a humble attitude are key for success, both at a personal and at an organisational level.

Transparency, inclusivity and reciprocity are a must for me.

This project has been in my mind for a long time and finally it has become real!

I am here to help you bring your projects or business to the next level and be your partner over the journey by sharing with you ideas, methods and support.

You can see my full profile on Linkedin.

Let’s get started!


Over my professional experience until now I’ve got the pleasure to be involved as a researcher in the development of products and services, as well as part of innovation processes for the following organisations: