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This is what people say.

Gema Requena
Founder of Nethunting Culture & Trends

“I had the opportunity to work with Mireia in various projects at Nethunting and she is a great professional. Her involvement and commitment add value to the project, while her personal skills improve it: proactivity, good communication and implication.”

Romain Costes
Account Director at Enov France

“A great person to work with! Mireia and I worked together on a qualitative project for Peugeot, in Europe. She proved to be reliable, highly skilled. She’s positive, worked hard to deliver inspiring and actionable results for our client.”

Cassandra Ma
Associate Director at Ipsos Mori UK

“I worked with Mireia in a complex study and she demonstrated her dedication and ability to pick things up quickly. On top of that, Mireia is very personable and a genuine individual.”