My passion is people and finding creative ways to connect with them.

It’s the “human” aspect of things what I always enjoy the most!

I started my career 10 years ago, working in marketing strategy and consulting, understanding people’s needs, attitudes and behaviors to inform strategic decisions.

My studies in Trend Forecasting at the Central Saint Martins School of London and a mix of experiences allowed me to inform innovation processes, as part of product and design teams, and working in international projects for cutting-edge organisations.

I enjoy mentoring others and sharing what I’ve learned so far, being speaker at the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering, the Complutense University of Madrid, the IEBS Business School and at events by ELLE Magazine, among others.

Curious and creative by nature, I like to challenge the “status quo” and improve or find innovative ways to connect organisations and humans.


With the feet in Barcelona and the head around the World!

I moved countries a few times times, living in London (UK) for 4 years, Edinburgh (UK) for a few months and Lyon (France) for 1 year, to finally come back to Barcelona, where I’m currently based.

During this time, I’ve worked in projects for companies such as Google UK, BBC, British Science Association, Unilever, Barclays, BNP Paribas, L’Oréal, Peugeot, among others.

I’ve always worked at an international level, leading and managing studies from beginning to end in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, North and South America.


A blend of experiences that are my compass and toolbox.

Thanks to my mixed background and experiences I can now use a wide range of people-centric, qualitative, digital and immersive techniques.

Some of the practices that I have used the most include, but are not limited to:

  • co-creation sessions with users
  • user testing, in-depth interviews
  • online communities studies
  • customer journey mapping
  • service blueprints
  • scenario planning, design fiction and trend forecasting

My goal: to build innovative and future-proofed products and services that people love to use, by putting humans at the center of the process and considering emerging trends.


All of these brought me here, with a strong believe that:

  • Disruptive organisations are creative and have a deep understanding of humans and societies.
  • Driving positive and sustainable change is what creates long-lasting value for all the parties.
  • Honesty, transparency, curiosity and a humble attitude are seeds for opportunities.
  • Great things happen when people are valued, recognised and respected.
  • In any achievement, every piece counts, no matter how little or big.
  • Things don’t happen by chance, it’s purpose, passion and will what brings success.


You can see my full profile on Linkedin.

How can I help you?

Supporting professionals to build innovative solutions with a human approach.



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