Concept testing: evaluate ideas at early stages



Before launching a new product, service or feature, we work on many possible ideas for it. We usually gather a lot of information over the process, but still we sometimes fail and at an expensive cost, without being able to easily go back.

At the end of this course you will be able to apply concept testing methods to de-risk your investment, find ways to refine your ideas and ensure that you build something that has the approval of your real end users before building it.

Content of the course:

– Explorative Research vs. Evaluative Research.
– Concept testing: what it is and what it answers.
– Defining the goals and scope of the concept test.
– The funnel method: creating quality questions to get relevant responses.
– Defining the audience and tests needed.
– Gathering the responses: tools and methods to be agile.
– Extracting relevant conclusions: methods to distill the noise from the value.

This course will allow you to:

– Test ideas faster and therefore, be able to experiment more.
– Gather relevant feedback for your ideas to improve them.
– Gather new ideas you didn’t think of.
– Involve your audience in your process and be more people-centred.
– Use your resources more efficiently and be more agile.
– Reduce the possibility of failing and all the negative consequences of it.

This course is for you if you are:

Independent professional looking for ways to be more efficient in your processes.
Business Manager that wants to reduce risk in product and service launch.
Responsible for a product or service and want to launch new solutions faster at a lower risk.
A person interested in finding ways to involve your audiences in your innovation processes.

How does the course work?

This course is based on online lessons with the optional possibility to schedule physical meet-ups.
Learn by doing! This is a practical course that will allow you to apply the learnings right after you finish it.
The total time required for the course is 3h. We will agree on the dates and hours when you book it.
You can start whenever you want, we will schedule the sessions when you book the course.
We will use Google Hangouts for the online sessions and I will send you the materials beforehand to the same email you use to book the course.