Trends funnel: method to create new solutions



We live in fast-changing environments that require us to be adaptable and constantly evolving. Understand social evolution, what motivates it and how to respond to it in a creative way will help you identify new opportunities to stay relevant for your audience, now and in the future.

At the end of this course, you will be able to use the trends funnel to translate social trends into concrete solutions to be developed further and stay innovative for your publics.

Contents of the course:

– What are social trends and how to identify them.
– The inspiration phase: identifying the trends.
– The translation phase: using the trends funnel to create relevant concepts.
– The immersion phase: the concepts illustrated.
– The development phase: test of viability and acceptance.

This course will allow you to:

– Have a clear process of how to include social trends in your everyday work.
– Build an innovation culture in your team.
– Start aligning your products and services with emerging trends.
– Become more innovative for your audiences.
– Be more creative in your development process.
– Build differentiated solutions.
– Expand your possibilities when planning to launch a new solution.

This course is for you if you are:

Independent professional looking for ways to be more innovative and make a difference.
Business Manager willing to create an innovation and creative mindset in your teams.
Responsible for a product or service and want to evolve it in a more innovative way.
A person interested in applying innovation techniques with a people-centred mindset.

How does the course work?

This course is based on online lessons with the optional possibility to schedule physical meet-ups.
Learn by doing! This is a practical course that will allow you to apply the learnings right after you finish it.
The total time required for the course is 3h. We will agree on the dates and hours when you book it.
You can start whenever you want, we will schedule the sessions when you book the course.
We will use Google Hangouts for the online sessions and I will send you the materials beforehand to the same email you use to book the course.