These tools are based on the process I follow in my everyday work. Each of them has a different purpose, helping you with the different aspects of ideating, defining and building products and services (both physical and digital).

Concept definition

This template will help you identify the most interesting service or product concepts to develop further, based on your business goals and the insights from your customers.

Ideation map

This template helps you structure your ideas during an ideation session or afterwards, to ensure that you keep your end goal in mind during the session or to leave aside (not discard) the ideas that aren’t aligned with the current objective.

Opportunity map

This template will help you structure the insights collected from your customers and connect them with your business goals in order to identify relevant opportunities with a human-centered approach.

Service blueprint

This template will help you map all the activities that conform your service to easily identify what aspects can be improved to be more efficient or to provide a better experience to your customers, from the start to the end of the journey.

User journey map

This is a template that helps you map the customer experience with your product or service, from beginning to end, in order to identify opportunities and areas of improvement for the different aspects involved at each stage.

Social Trends Cards

This is a set of cards that you can use in many ways, but especially during ideation sessions, to help you and your team keep an innovation mindset and ensure ideas that are aligned with increasing social needs and motivations.

User Testing Cards

This is a set of cards to give you ideas of the most relevant questions and aspects to consider when testing your concepts, products and ideas with people. You might need more questions, but this can be your starting point to ensure the quality of the insights you get.