The Lab

This is a collaboration service in which I do the research for you, connecting your users’ experiences with your goals to identify opportunities and set a direction to create disruptive solutions following-up together on them.

We live in fast-evolving environments. Now more than ever before, it’s important to build confidence in uncertainty and stay ahead of change.

Based on the goals you want to achieve, I will plan specific actions to understand your users’ needs, motivations and behaviours to work together on how to translate them into concrete solutions. 

We will apply techniques and approaches from Design Thinking, Service Design, Speculative Futures, Social Research, among others.

This will allow you to foster innovation, be more forward-thinking and agile, with a flexible structure and without compromising the time you dedicate to other topics.

I can support you with a one-off project or provide you with external ongoing support.

Start building now the reality you want to have tomorrow!


How does it work? 

  1. First, we will have a free online evaluation session together for you to tell me what is your current situation and what you want to achieve. In this first session we will clarify doubts and questions.
  2. Within the following days, I will review everything we talked during this first session and will get back to you with a proposal of roadmap and collaboration plan with timings, key milestones and alignment sessions.
  3. After agreeing together on the roadmap and collaboration plan, we will then schedule a kick-off session to get the project started!

Questions that can be answered include:


  • How are evolving the needs and motivations of my audience?
  • What are the emerging opportunities or threats for me?
  • What are the social trends I have to adapt to?
  • How can I build tranquility despite of uncertainty?
  • How can my team be more human-centric?
  • How can I foster a forward-thinking mindset?